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Toukley - 11/5

I decided to go at about 7pm after getting a call from a friend who was already up there.
It was well worth the trip.
We arrived as in the grey were playing (WOOHOO) So got food and had a couple of words to Luke, I asked what had happened to the red lanterns, he said they gave them away at the end of the last tour becuase this was a new phase and they were trying something new.

Most frustrating part of the night was when the crowd went quite I yelled out "101" and Lucius started to play the opening bars to it, then he stopped... It is the cruelest thing that has been done to me in a while..... Bastard.

Anyway, the rest of the gig was pretty bloody good, not as good as the Cambridge but it was a small venue and it filled up really well. It was also nice that there weren't to many fucktards making whirlpools and shit like that.

Oh and Dan, if you're going to buy a skater, get a cog deck ($80). They're pretty good quality decks and the decal on them is awesome. They had them at the gig and I was thinking of getting one, then I remembered that I no longer skate...

"Now tell me Winston, and remember, no lies, what are your true feelings towards big brother?"
:I hate him"
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